The new Benchmark

Q Logistics combines the best of both worlds. Thus, a leading company with four defined and ambitious objectives emerged: More quality. More efficiency. More sustainability. And: "True Handshake Quality".


The Infrastructure

Locations, vehicles, transports, warehousing, international partners - Q Logistics simply offers more. These advantages in infrastructure are unique and provide the basis for a real “power service“.


The Quality

The mere size of a company is not essential; in theĀ  end, performance and quality are the decisive factors. Q Logistics optimises the synergies and potentials of two top companies, in order to be able to offer top services to its customers. These services are the result of state-of-the-art systems and processes as well as the most modern equipment.


The Efficiency

You can clearly see the innovative spirit of Q Logistics, if there is a challenge to improve the performance. This applies to automation and digitalisation in all logistics areas.


The Sustainability

The best Austrian infrastructure opens new possibilities concerning the reduction of traffic and CO2 emission. Due to the high shipment volume, rail transports will be increasingly used. Moreover, the optimal utilisation of the vehicles reduces empty mileage. From the beginning, Q Logistics will use the new possibilities of E-mobility. Good prospects for any company’s environmental balance!


The Specialisation

Q Logistics "speaks the language" of numerous business branches. This is the basis to further expand the envisaged specialisation according to the special features of each branch; among other things, by employing customised products and special equipment.


The Handshake Quality

Our main focus is on the reliability of our relations to customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. In fact, you can rely on Q Logistics!