About Q Logistics

St├╝ckguthalle mit Staplerfahrer


25 locations, 1,200 employees, 3.7 million shipments per year, 275,000 square metres of warehouse and cargo handling space.

These are some key data of the new player, which evolved from the merger of the European Contract Logistics - Austria GmbH and the Austrian groupage network of Quehenberger.

Q Logistics is the new company's name and The Power Network is its slogan. It is the ambition of the new company, to bring new power and new dynamics into the business segments Groupage and Warehousing.

Look forward to a dense network of locations in Austria, a high frequency in national transports, an extensive range of warehouse facilities, a large-scale accessibility to international transport networks - and the innovative spirit of a high quality service provider, who offers more and better solutions to his customers.


An innovative partner

Due to the combined forces of ECL and the Austrian groupage network of Quehenberger Logistics, Q Logistics is going to be one of the leading service providers, who will use this basis to further increase its performance and power.


Always on site

A total of 25 locations constitute the extensive network from Vienna to Wolfurt, from F├╝rnitz to Linz. 1,200 qualified employees are always close to you. Q Logistics is everywhere at home in Austria.


Warehousing everywhere!

170,000 square metres of warehouses and 105,000 square metres of cargo handling space with a total of 120,000 pallet storage spaces offer room for each and every solution.


Millions of orders

3.7 million national and international shipments are processed annually. More than 50 international partners are available, 400 destinations are regularly served.


Well prepared for everything

Q Logistics employs 900 vehicles and 80 waggons on a daily basis. Due to the combined shipment volumes, the railway becomes even more important. This is a win-win situation for our customers and the environment. Q Logistics pursues new ecological benchmarks!